OUR Services

At Abki Solutions we are passionate about making you stand out of the crowd. We help you transform the way you do business, interface with your customers or deliver the best value to your clients. No more manual workflows, unfriendly use cases, unconvincing designs, bored clients or disappointed leads. Let our passion for solutions ignite your business!

Company Presentations

No matter what aspect of your business presentation you need help with, we have it covered. Our team has expertise in storyboarding, conceptualization of key messages, data visualization, infographics, corporate design, texting, marketing and storytelling. We use the whole range of cutting edge technology to create your presentation as a PowerPoint slide deck, a zooming Prezi presentation, a video presentation or pdf brochures. We see thousands of presentations every month and will be able to tell you whether yours stands out or not.

Video Presentations and Explain Videos

You want to convey your business, your service or showcase your product to your potential customers in a convincing video? We will take care of it. With a blend of marketing and storytelling and our cutting edge technology, we will produce your videos to present your products and services with a spark.


Never again a boring PowerPoint presentation! While PowerPoint is the most widely spread presentation software, it is also the tool with the worst reputation. Why? - Because it is not the core business competence of most companies. Hence they lack the time and skillset to efficiently create brilliant presentations. We know how difficult it can be and how we can help you most effectively.


The innovative zooming presentation software is particularly popular amongst marketing experts. Prezi allows you to tell a concise story of your company, product or service to engage your customer on a beautifully designed canvas. It allows you to go into detail or stay flat on deck, depending on the particular audience. Let us give you an introduction to show you what Prezi can do for you.


If you are confronted with the challenge of visualizing your data such that the reader finds it inspiring, then infographics designed by our experts will be just the solution for you.


Dating back to less digitalized times, brochures are a great traditional way to represent your business.


A graphic designer's high art is to distill the entire identity of business into one single image: The logo.

Word Templates

Much of today's communication happens in Microsoft Word documents. That's why it has become increasingly important to have well designed and functional word templates in your own corporate design. We are here to help you!